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 For over 20 years I have been enabling 
managers be more successful faster

“Neil's strong client partnering approach works well with executives who want help in finding the right answers for them
rather than getting standard, 'works anywhere' answers. He truly is a thought stimulator and performance expert."  
John Menzies, CEO, Terminal Corporation


"Neil's career transition assessment, guidance and deliverables were fantastic. I highly recommend Neil
if you want to accelerate getting the right next job or be more effective moving into a bigger role.”
David Hanafee, VP Sales






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About Your Transition Coach

For over 20 years I have enabled managers to make career changes and organizational changes more successfully.

Clients have included executives and managers at Amazon, Cisco Systems, VMware, GE, HP, Oracle, start ups , small and mid-sized companies.

When providing guidance, I leverage my broad executive and multi-functional experience in marketing, engineering, sales, HR, business operations, customer support, supply chain management, executive development and centers of excellence (e.g. PMO's).

My design engineering and customer engineering background and my work with over 2,000 technical managers makes me particularly adept at increasing the effectiveness of technical organizations and technical managers.

I have MBA and BS Engineering degrees and am a Certified Management Consultant and 360 Feedback Leadership Coach.  

Neil A. Love
Transition Coach

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