Are You, Your Initiative Or Your Organization
Not Where You Want To Be?

Then you want to get from where you are to where you
want to be faster and with less wear and tear. 

 Steps In Water Path 

What challenging journey from "A to Z" are you on?


Organizational Transitions

  • Wobbly initiative to strong initiative
  • Misfiring organization to thriving organization
  • Ineffective business process to superior process
  • Struggling team to high performing team
  • Creating a new or larger organization

Managerial Transitions

  • Local manager to global manager
  • Function manager to cross-functional manager
  • Individual contributor to first level manager
  • Project manager to program manager
  • Current job to getting a new, better job

Understanding Where "A" Is

To lay out the best path forward, you will want to do a comprehensive evaluation of the
current situation. 
You will learn a lot about how you can get your group, project or yourself
where you want to be and faster.


 Get Your Complimentary
Situation Assessment Now !


Getting from "A to Z"

Now comes the tricky part.  Getting from "A to Z". 


You will need the right strategy for moving ahead. That requires knowing alternative ways you can get to where you want to be and which one fits best for you and your situation. 


You will want to know what issues you will likely run into and how to deal with them. And, you will want to find ways to help you stay positive when things do not quite go the way you want them.



What Might Be Helpful

What could be attractive is behind the scenes support that is convenient, efficient, delivered in bite sized useable chunks, affordable and non-intrusive. Support that includes someone who serves as your strategy partner and progress accelerator.


Someone who could give feedback on your thinking and your strategies, plans and issues. And support that provides access to deep insight surveys, proven best practices tools and referrals to other resources that accelerate progress.


"Neil Love has been a terrific guide.  He helped me lay out the right path and keep things on track and on pace. Neil is a fully committed, highly experienced and innovative resource for accelerating progress and making tough things easier to accomplish."

 Paul Zanninovich, VP,  FLIR Corporation


“Neil's online Career Transition Assessment precisely pinpointed where I needed to focus more  energy.  Neil shaped a powerful value proposition, executive resume and LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Neil to any executive or senior manager who wants to work with someone who has been an executive who can accelerate getting the next right career position.”
David Hanafee, VP Sales


Can I Help?


If any of this rings true for you, my strategy guidance sessions and deep insight tools can enable you to get where you want faster with less wear and tear.


For over 25 years I have been working with managers and executives to accelerate progress on individual and organizational transitions.


During my corporate career I have worked at well-known companies including VMware, Cisco Systems, Amazon Lab126, Sun Microsystems, Adaptec, HP, TI, and GE.  I have held a wide variety of roles including executive, department manager, program manager, design engineer, field engineer, management educator and consultant to executives.


When I work with clients, I leverage my broad multi-functional experience in marketing, engineering, sales, HR, business operations, customer support, supply chain management, executive development and centers of excellence.  


“Neil really helped us jump start our initiative here at NetApp.  He identified areas to focus on, influenced me to secure an executive sponsor for success and gave fast and helpful guidance on the initiative strategy, structure, project plan, stakeholder analysis and change management process. If you want an initiative advisor to work with you to get things right and avoid missteps, I highly recommend you work with Neil Love."

Lisa Camarillo, NetApp
 I partnered with Neil Love for his insights, persistence, and directness with my transition. Being unfamiliar with the local market, I needed a sage that could help me stimulate my thinking, focus on my best role, and point me in the right direction with targeted introductions. Together, we charted an accelerated course with a comprehensive job hunting strategy. I’m confident that the next opportunity is around the corner. I couldn’t thank Neil enough."
William Coble, Director, Alexi Pharmaceuticals

I now serve as a Transition Advisor.  Through my guidance and resources I enable managers and their organizations or programs to get from where they are to where they want to be faster and with less stress. 


I am an effective and efficient teacher, barrier buster and guide for those who want to leverage my in-depth experience.  I would be happy to share with you the lessons learned and the skills I developed so your career or project accelerates.



Neil's strong client partnering approach works well with people who prefer resources that help them find the right answers for them rather than giving you standard, 'works anywhere' answers. He truly is a thought stumulator"

 Scott Menzies, CEO, Terminal Corporation


 "The strategy and business performance assessment surveys provided valuable insights.  Neil made some great suggestions on how to stay focused on strategic work.. I am re-energized to move ahead and make our company even more successful."

 Lisa McCormack, Executive VP, Melita Group


How I Work With You

The highest value, most affordable support is provided online via phone and computer screen sharing so I can show you tools.


Here is how I often work to help managers achieve their goals.


First I enable managers to fully diagnose the current situation by conducting a comprehensive, objective assessment of strengths, blind spots and gaps.


Then based upon that data we consider different strategies for moving ahead and pick the best strategy for the situation.  I also help lay out a roadmap that stages activities in a carefully sequenced manner.  This avoids overloading you, your organization or your project team as the strategy is implemented.


I then can provide on-going guidance in weekly 30 minute chunks as you work through the details of planning and implementing the strategy.


My guidance and tools also speeds up learning for managers.  They learn faster and deeper while doing.



My Experience

I have been doing management consulting for over 20 years.   I have been fortunate to consult to a wide variety of clients in many industries and all levels. I have served as an executive, program manager and internal consultant at VMware, Cisco Systems, Amazon Lab126, Sun Microsystems, Adaptec, HP, TI, and GE. Client companies have included startups, small firms, mid-sized companies and the big brand companies.


 "Neil provided helpful insights via a survey and asked good questions to stimulate thinking. The survey data provided a solid platform for client discussions and new options for moving ahead. He also introduced me to some key people that can help me achieve my goals.”

Sandy McMahon, President, Executive Forums

"Neil pointed out some gaps in our approach, provided suggestions and tips and role played a challenging situation with me.  I learned some important new insights and some practical things I can do going forward."
Delene Johnson, Manager, UCSF


My Mission

My mission is to enable managers to achieve great results with less stress and fewer hours.  I want to accelerate their capability building. I want to help them enjoy their work and career more. I want them to get the rewards they deserve by working at their fullest potential.   I want to serve as their strategy partner and progress accelerator.



What To Learn More?

If you would like more information, you will find it below.


Progress Accelerator Program


My Partnering Values


Free Assessment Surveys


Neil's Professional Profile



Free Diagnosis

If you would like to meet to discuss your goals and challenges and do a diagnosis of the situation, I would be happy to give you my thoughts about getting from "A to Z".


If it is a mutual fit, I can also outline how I can be helpful as you move forward.  If you think this complimentary meeting would be beneficial, please schedule an appointment with the online calendar.


I look forward to talking with you.


Neil Love


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Neil's Bio


Neil A. Love best IMC
Neil Love
Your Transition Guide


I personally provide bite sized, affordable, just-when-needed online support via phone and WebEx to help organization development, improvement and transformation champions and project leads make faster progress and avoid missteps.


Project Coaching Sessions
One-on-one guidance for development, improvement, transformation projects


Best Practices Tool Sets
Editable models, processes, surveys, guides and a tools use training session


Performance Assessments
Targeted surveys to uncover barriers and avoid missteps


Learning Forums
Short, capability-building discussions in a productive virtual environment


Peer Advisor Communities
Moderated best practice and expertise sharing among matched peers


My Expertise

- Organization transformation

- Corporate initiatives

- Cross-functional product development

- HR organization value add and efficiency

My Organization Change Skills

- future state definition/visioning

- strategy development/refinement

- organization design/alignment

- cross-functional process design

- key player engagement and buy-in

- change road mapping

- change sponsor and project lead coaching

- leadership development

- initiative management

- online initiative effectiveness surveys

- workforce planning



I work with managers to come up with more options to solve complex organizational issues and overcome barriers to success.

I follow a proven process based on 20 years of experience to move organizations and initiatives to the next level.

Assess – Align – Accelerate TM
Assess - the situation including barriers/gaps and readiness to move forward

Align - the key stakeholders on drivers, goals, success factors and the right path ahead
- progress through strong starts, proven strategies and time saving tools


Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation to discuss your goals and challenges, I would be happy to give you my thoughts about getting from "A to Z". If it is a mutual fit, I can also outline how I can be helpful as you move forward.  If you think this complimentary meeting would be beneficial, please schedule a virtual meeting using the online calendar. I look forward to talking with you.


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