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Over 20 Specialists To Serve You

Productive Enterprises has a number of highly experienced consultant and trainer associates who can be called upon when a deep dive into specific function or skill issues is needed to achieve exceptional results.

Consultant Bios


Managing Partner

For over 20 years Neil Love has been making organizations and initiatives more productive. He has helped small and large companies navigate through complex issues of organization alignment and transformation to achieve superior performance. MBA, BSEE

Bio of Neil Love


headshot of Neil A. Love
Neil A. Love
Managing Partner



At Productive Enterprises, we strive to create alignment and effectiveness throughout our client organizations. Our goal is to transfer our strategies, processes and tools to you in a way that gives your organization sustainable success.



Productive Enterprises is an organization effectiveness and performance systems firm located in Silicon Valley, CA. Since 1991, we have been helping organizations plan and implement successful critical changes. Our help entails proven strategies, tools, virtual support and on site guidance to enable organizations to navigate through complex transitions of improvement, change, growth and transformation.


We help clients achieve ambitious business goals in two ways.



I personally provide bite sized, affordable, just-when-needed online support via phone and WebEx to help organization development, improvement and transformation champions and project leads make faster progress and avoid missteps.


Project Coaching Sessions
One-on-one guidance for development, improvement, transformation projects


Best Practices Tool Sets
Editable models, processes, surveys, guides and a tools use training session


Performance Assessments
Targeted surveys to uncover barriers and avoid missteps


Learning Forums
Short, capability-building discussions in a productive virtual environment


Peer Advisor Communities
Moderated best practice and expertise sharing among matched peers


My Domain Expertise

- Organization transformation

- Corporate initiatives

- Cross-functional product development

- HR organization value add and efficiency

My Organization Change Skills

- future state definition/visioning

- strategy development/refinement

- organization design/alignment

- cross-functional process design

- key player engagement and buy-in

- change road mapping

- change sponsor and project lead coaching

- leadership development

- initiative management

- online initiative effectiveness surveys

- workforce planning



Working with my team of ten associate consultants, we help challenged executives design and implement organizational changes faster and easier so they can achieve greater success now and in the future.

Often the focus of our work is in these areas:


Strategic Change


IT Effectiveness


HR Effectiveness


Supply Chain Optimization


Product/System Development



We follow our proven process -  to move organizations and initiatives to the next level.

Assess – Align – Accelerate TM
Assess - the situation including barriers/gaps and readiness to move forward

Align - the key stakeholders on drivers, goals, success factors and the right path ahead

- progress through strong starts, proven strategies and time saving tools

To learn more about the AAA Process, click here

Neil Love is effective at all levels in the organization. His strong client partnering approach works well with senior managers who prefer resources that help you find the right answers for your organization rather than giving you their standard, 'works anywhere' answers."
- John Menzies III, Chairman, Terminal Corporation






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Up to ten people can complete an on-line assessment for free.

You will receive a complementary report identifying opportunity areas and next step recommendations.

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